BioVac - For Natural/Earthen Ponds

Removes excessive bio matter from your natural pond that improves pond's health and beauty! This removal of excessive biomass that has accumulated over time allows the pond to return to a more balanced ecosystem. At the same time, this removal of build up allows for more water depth, making the fish less stressed and giving them more room to evade any potential predators. 

Give us a call sometime and we would be happy to discuss this potential service to your pond!

Excessive Bio Matter

​Bio-mass is made up of fallen leaves, dead aquatic plant growth, and fish waste built up over time. The slow decay creates excessive nutrients which encourages algae and unwanted plant growth. The buildup of organic matter year after year reduces the depth of a pond, which is detrimental to its health. 

Beneficial Pond Bacteria

​Beneficial bacteria is arguably the second most important water management and water maintenance strategy to implement. Bacteria helps to naturally reduce sludge build up, improve water quality and clarity, reduce odors, improve oxygen levels, and create a better environment for fish and other aquatic life. Some choose to forgo the BioVac  mentioned above. Instead opting to let the combination of natural bacteria treatments we use break down the biomass build up and improve the health of the pond over time.

Undesirable aquatic plants.

In a healthy pond, the cat tail family of plants can be very beneficial, but also are aggressive growers and require pruning to keep them in check. Iris and lilies are also aggressive growers that need to be pruned and maintained. Duckweed, a floating plant, will completely cover a pond in very little time, especially when there is very little to no water movement. There are generally two types of algae, "pea soup" and string, which will bloom due to excessive nutrients and sunlight. 

Water Movement

Movement of water is part of the pond's natural purging and cleansing cycle. The bottom will naturally turn over with adequate movement and depth with help from the stream's inlet and overflow/exit. This is very desirable and healthy for the system. 


Aeration comes in different forms - bottom aeration, fountains, and bubblers.

Installing bottom aeration in your pond or lake is the single most valuable water management and water maintenance strategy that can be implemented. The movement of oxygenated water from the bottom up provides a long list of benefits to your water. Ponds and lakes age - the older a body of water, the higher the organic muck load and the higher total oxygen demand. Aeration can stop, and even reverse, the effects of aging!

Fountains and bubblers will provide some aeration to the pond, but should be considered mainly aesthetically pleasing features that assist in prevent stagnant water in a pond or lake!