Coopers offers complete pond and water garden service, for both natural and man made ponds. From water gardens to waterfalls and fountain features, Cooper's will design, install and maintain. We also offer a complete line of pond supplies, aquatic plants and fish too!

We don't stop there! Our trained technicians are available for seasonal cleaning, spring open/fall close, regular maintenance schedules, and vacation visits while you are away during the hot summer months. (We have even been known to let the dog out while we are on site as well!)

Pond Maintenance & Services 

Water Vac  Pond Cleaning System

Coopers is now using the Water Vac Pond Cleaning System

We love and it and our customers do too. It's environmentally friendly and no water wasted!

During a pond cleaning, we typically go through the process of draining and cleaning a client's water feature which often contains their beloved fish. The standard procedure of draining and cleaning these features can be hard on the fish, and having to refill our client's ponds is often hard on their wells as well. 

The Water Vac is remarkable efficient and safe. It is environmentally friendly and powerful. The ponds can be vacuumed from outside the pond. The integral three stage filtration system removes leaves and debris within 3/32 of an inch, then cleans and polished down to 200 microns. The same water, after being filtered is then returned into the pond!